Join us on a journey with M/S Maroy!
Unique adventures starting in Hammerfest, Alta, or any location.
Experience Northern Norway's nature and wildlife, culture and history, and also vibrant communities along the coast.
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3 to 5 hours
  • Midnight sun cruise
  • Bird and eagle safari
  • Fishing experience
  • Beach break and nature experience
  • Village visits and cultural walks
  • Coastal safari with food experiences
  • Company tours and events
  • Industrial tourism — Visits and guided tours of fish farms
Day adventures
  • Peak hikes winter or summer
  • Adventure to Store Bekkarfjord with hiking in Seiland National Park
  • Village visits to living and / or displaced villages.
  • Historic day at Slettnes with 10,000 years of flashbacks
  • Towards the open sea — on a whale safari and beach cut on the outside
  • Company trips with team building or events
Overnight adventures
  • Combine your own adventure. Accommodation on board for an anchor in a deserted fjord, or by the quay in a village on the coast. Summer or winter.
  • Around Sørøya or Seiland, Stjernøya, Loppa, Rolfsøya, Ingøya, m.fl.
  • Bicycle safari on Sørøya. Start from three different coastal villages with bike rides to the outer coast.

Do you want to rent Gamle Mårøy and tailor a adventure only for your friends or your company.

Contact us and we will assist you in the planning fo your adventure

Historical overview of Gamle Mårøy
Meet Gamle Mårøy

Gamle Mårøy is a protected vessel, built at Kaarbø's mechanical workshop, Harstad in 1959. It is operated by Gamle Mårøy AS, together with security crews in the association Gamle Mårøy's friends. All operations and ownership are on a voluntary basis, and the number of members in the friends association has in 2021 exceeded 550 members.

Learn more the history of Mårøy
Upper Deck
Lower Deck
Upper Deck
Lower Deck
Mårøy på hvalsafari – naturopplevelsen!
Dette er historien om arvesølvet til Finnmark Fylkesrederi: Passasjerbåten MS Mårøy
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